Orient Bank is a leading private bank in Uganda with an innovative approach in the delivery of our products and services. Through our extensive product portfolio, we are well positioned in our niche markets to provide Banking solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Our Logo is derived from our deep understanding of the Ugandan people and everything around them. The rich soils of the earth have ensured that Ugandans have food and a rich cultural Heritage represented by the Hue (earth) and water representing the fresh waters of Lake Victoria which portrays freshness and smiles of the Ugandans. We are known for our fresh and innovative products and services. We are bold and ready to take on our customers challengesWe are bold and ready to take on our customers challenges and the abstract font of our logo further emphasises our innovative and flexible approach. Find out more

Credit Bank

Welcome to Credit Bank Limited, the home of personalized and affordable services. All our products are tailored to suit your needs. Our history dates back to 1986 when we were incorporated under the brand name, Credit Kenya Limited and commenced operations the same year as a financial institution. Later in 1995, we were upgraded to a fully-fledged commercial bank and we changed our brand name to Credit Bank Limited (CB).

Credit Bank Limited was rated the third most affordable bank in the banking industry according to a research done in the year 2009. We are dedicated to delivering great and innovative customer service, collaborating with our customers to help them realize their dreams and creating tangible value for them. With this kind of long banking heritage and proven experience in customer care, we plan to utilize our human capital and technology to achieve our long term business goals. Find out more